2019 Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre/Kuwait ("New Jibla")
نيو جبلة


Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre (Kuwait)


New Jibla


Musical play

Performance dates

4-7 & 11-14 December, 2019


Producing services for a comedy play presented in the Drama Theatre.


A romantic comedy set in a future time when the world's inhabitants have emigrated from planet Earth. Amongst those who have settled on Mars is a community of Kuwaiti folk who cling to their Earthly customs. When a young Martian couple from differing social classes try to get married, they find themselves having to push back against antiquated traditions.

Program Credits

Producers: Talal Al-Muhanna & Reham Al-Samerai
Writer: Saud Al-Sanousi
Director: Julian Webber
Costume Designer : Fotini Dimou
Choreographer: Ahmed Khemis
Composers / Music Arrangers: Misha'al Hussein, Khalid Nouri & Yousif Yaseen
Composer: Nawaf Abdulla
Lyricists: Saher, Saud Al-Sanousi
Kuwaiti dance consultant: Braiza Al-Roomi
Dramaturge / Assistant Director: Hassan Al-Rawwas
Creative Consultant: Dr. Karl Aspelund

Set Design: 59 Productions
Design Director: Leo Warner
Set Designer: Claudia Fragoso
Video Designer: Max Itaaliander
Lighting Designer: James Farncombe
Sound Designer: Max Pappenheim
Producer for 59 Productions: Ollie Hester

Saad Al-Faraj: Itmam, an aristocratic type
Abeer Ahmed: Titi, Itmam’s wife
Zainab Marwan: Salwa, the bride-to-be
Abdulrahman Al-Aqel: Hamour, a wealthy merchant
Zahra Al-Kharji: Baiza, Hamour’s wife
Habib Juma’a: Jassim, the groom-to-be
Abdullah Al-Kodhr: The Preacher
Wala Al-Sarraf: Hala, Salwa’s friend
Nisreen Surori: Lakshmi, housekeeper
Younes Sharhan: Raja, houseboy