Title: 2017 Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre/Kuwait ("Memoirs of a Sailor")


Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre (Kuwait)


Memoirs of a Sailor




19-21 September, 2017


Producing services for an operetta presented at the National Theatre.


Inspired by the writings of Mohammed Al-Fayez and the music of Ghannam Al-Deikan, Memoirs of a Sailor tells the story of a Kuwaiti pearl diver who risks everything to find prosperity for his young family.

Program Credits

Concept Development: Faisal Khajah, Reham Alsamerai, Ahmad Al-Salhi
Producer: Talal Al-Muhanna
Writer and Director: Yarub Burhamah
Co-Writer: Rana Al-Khaled
Choreographer: Yannis Adoniou
Costume Designer : Muneera Al-Azzawi
Architectural/Cultural Consultant: Abdulla Al-Awadhi
Traditional Dances for Women: Ibreza Al-Roumi

Set Design: 59 Productions
Design Director: Leo Warner
Set Designer: Jenny Melville
Lighting Designer: Mark Jonathan
Video Designer: Lysander Ashton
Sound Designer: Sebastian Frost
Producer for 59 Productions: Ollie Hester

Mutref Al-Mutref: Lead Singer
Salman Al-Amari: Lead Singer
Faisal Ameeri: Pearl diver, Nashmi
Alaa Al-Hindi: Sabeecha, Nashmi’s wife
Shaikah Al-Hindi: (Young) Gamasha, their daughter
Maryam Al-Saleh: (Old) Gamasha